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What Products do We Offer?

Roll-Up Wall Maps

Our wall maps are one-piece, blue-line paper prints. Each map is exposed from a negative, hand washed, pressed and trimmed. If these maps are kept from the direct rays of the sun, they should last for many years without fading. As durable as they are, continuous folding or bending of these maps can cause a breakdown in the fibers from which the paper is made. It is therefore recommended that they be kept rolled up in a tube when not in use or framed on a wall away from direct sunlight.
The average scale of our maps is 1 ¼" = 1 mile which makes our maps easy to read. The average size is 41" X 55"

Plat Books

Our Plat Books contain the same ownership information as the wall maps. The format, however, is different. Plat Books are printed on 8 ½" X 11" paper, one township per page, and are spiral bound with plastic combs. The Plat Book is better suited for carrying in a vehicle.

Click to see a Sample Map

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